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At RLR, LLP we believe you - the students - are our best opportunity for future team members. We are very involved on CSU, UNC and UW campuses and are always interested in meeting the next wave of accounting professionals.

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The transition from student life to a professional career can be a challenging step. There is so much more to learn about "real life" accounting and tax work that school education just cannot teach.

We don't believe that traditional summer months only internships can provide a meaningful experience.  Instead we have designed a year round program for students to enable you to start learning what a practice of public accounting truly is like.

About Apprenticeship

The apprenticeship is intended to be a year round, part time position. The best opportunity to learn about public accounting is in the first half of the year as all CPAs are busy with tax and audit season. Our workload typically drops off in the summer months and picks up again in the fall.

During the apprenticeship, you will be exposed to many areas of day to day work in small public accounting firm. You will gradually receive training on all major software and processes in various parts of the practice. You will work under supervision of experienced staff and perform entry level tasks in the following areas:

General & office tasks

  • Training on our document management software
  • Scan, archive, and other work with various documents
  • Assist with mail
  • Assist with project management and file tracking
  • Restore client Quickbooks and other data


  • 1099 preparation
  • Payroll tax return preparation
  • Source document scanning
  • Organizing source documents in electronic binders
  • Income tax data entry
  • Tax return preparation


  • Assist with setting up electronic audit project binders
  • Send out and follow up on bank confirmations
  • Importing/ Set up Trial Balance for audits
  • Audit fieldwork

Candidate Requirements

  • Major in Accounting
  • Junior or Senior year
  • A high level of integrity, accuracy, dependability, enthusiasm, and confidentiality
  • Time commitment is flexible and is negotiated based on school workload and calendar.
    • At least 8-16 hrs per week during January through May/June.
      (More hours per week is preferable and encouraged)
    • Fewer hours in summer and fall
As an apprentice with RLR, I was given opportunities to explore every department within the firm, including bookkeeping, audit, and tax. The structure of the firm allows for more control over the amount and difficulty of my workload, while allowing the flexibility to take courses and be present for my family. RLR is full of motivating, empowering, and truly genuine individuals that strive to make everyone feel valued. 

Rachel Richards

I started the Apprenticeship in December of 2017. Before I started working here, I chose RLR because they didn’t force me to choose between tax and audit. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to see and experience all aspects of a working public accounting firm: tax, audit, and payroll. I have been responsible for 1099 projects, Individual Tax Returns, Audit projects, and Payroll Tax Returns, in addition to some administrative duties. As a full-time student, RLR has provided me with complete flexibility, and I have control over my schedule. The people here really value work-life balance. I believe they have provided me with a strong start to my accounting career.

Kelsey Morrison

I joined RLR in 2019 as a Junior at CSU. Having a part-time accounting job while attending school full time has been an extremely rewarding experience. The exposure to real world accounting while learning the basics in school has been invaluable and a great asset in my career growth. The management team here at RLR are all incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, willing to teach, and fully understanding that school really does come first. During my time here I have had the ability to work on personal tax returns, business tax returns, trusts, bookkeeping projects, 1099's, new business registrations, as well as administrative tasks that have all help me become a well-rounded accountant.

Cole Beagan

Being a part of the apprenticeship at RLR has helped me to decide what path I want to take as an accountant. I started the apprenticeship in November of 2019 in the audit department. I wasn't sure what to expect, but soon after, I fell in love with RLR. I mostly worked in the audit department, but also had the opportunity to try tax and bookkeeping. The apprenticeship was very flexible, I could work as little or as much as I wanted to while I was working towards a degree. RLR is an amazing place to work where you can figure out what path you want to take, as well as form great relationships with coworkers, and not to mention you get Friday's off over summer!

Avery Nowak

As an apprentice with RLR, I was able to explore different facets of a career in public accounting. I was given the opportunity to work on audit projects (assisting in fieldwork and performing different testing procedures), tax projects (individual returns and simple business returns), and a few bookkeeping projects (1099 preparation and payroll tax returns). The RLR apprenticeship emphasizes a well-rounded, year-long approach to development as compared to a traditional 8-week internship. It gave me an excellent foundation to launch my career in accounting post-graduation and I would highly recommend the program to anyone unsure of which branch of public accounting they want to work in.

Thomas Kusbel

During my junior year, I had the incredible opportunity to intern at RLR for a month onboarding and then full swing into busy season. I was able to learn lots of relevant industry knowledge from working on 1099 projects to filing tax returns. The firm offers a welcoming environment and showed their support for education while always allowing me to put school first and build my own schedule around class times. This was by far the best experience I could have asked for while studying accounting and school and would recommend it to any students doing the same to get a head start on their career!

Casey Shuster

I had the fantastic experience of joining RLR as an apprentice during my Junior year. I went into this job having no idea what to expect and I was very nervous, but after just a week I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed by everybody I met. It is clear that the people at RLR care about you and are willing to be flexible when you need it. Jumping into busy season, I learned a lot about 1099 prep, tax return prep, and generally how an accounting firm runs. I felt like I was supported by my supervisors by them always being there to answer questions, but they also allowed me to try things on my own and learn. I feel like this experience as a whole has taught me so much and put me on a good path to a career in accounting. I have loved working here and would recommend it to anyone!

Ally Kipper

My apprenticeship experience at RLR helped introduce me to every skill necessary in managing projects, working in an office, consulting with other departments and developing professional skills in an accounting environment. I always felt valued as a member of the firm and in every experience I was greeted with patience and training opportunities from my mentors and colleagues at the firm. Jumping into many different areas of the firm including Audit and Tax service, bookkeeping, 1099 preparation, and administrative management opportunities gave me an extremely fulfilling experience with people that wanted me to succeed. Being in school at the same time was time-consuming, but RLR gave me the flexibility to manage school while utilizing the opportunities I was given at RLR. This community at RLR is extremely supportive and giving and I couldn't have asked for a better introduction and continuation in my accounting career.

Rachel Fairbairn

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